Our establishment is a foreign trade company that is engaged only in imports.

Please find below the list of products that we imported into Republic of Turkey. From the year 1983 on, we had carried out our imports activities with 2 companies and the volume of our imports amounted to nearly USD 78.000.000. Our imports activities slowed down significantly from the period of 1999/2000 as a result of an economic turmoil, health problems, and family matters and they have halted since the end of the year 2006.

During the course of our company's business activities, we visited the People's Republic of China for 112 times, North Korea and South Korea once each, Taiwan and Japan once each, Hong-Kong for 193 times, India once, Singapore 13 times, Middle-East and North African countries for 54 times, African countries twice, European countries for 287 times, and the USA for 19 times.

The list of brands that are registered with our company is indicated below. Legal procedures and brand protection transactions regarding our brands are carried out by Ankara Patent Office.

God appreciates when you make effort to earn your livelihood.